Cost Controller

*Minimum of 3 years of experience


*Sound communication skill *Knowledge Point of Sales & MMS *Capable of solving problems *Proficiency in MS Office


*Diploma in Hotel Management/Accounting Graduate


Ø  To review the purchase request (by the storekeeper) and approve the same on daily basis.

Ø  To review the receiving report on a daily basis and make sure that the expenses are booked to the correct warehouse.

Ø  To run the GL update on a daily basis for the receiving and stores.

Ø  To update the system in following cases:

        a) to create master file for new items with all details like prices, supplier etc.

        b) to update the system with supplier’s new price list as and when required.

Ø  To update the infogenesis (POS) for changes in prices of menu items and addition of new items.

Ø  To approve the gate pass when the items go out of the club and monitor the returnable items with the coordination of security department.

Ø  To update the recipe costing as and when required.

Ø  To release a report with suggested selling price and cost percentage of the menu items to the management as and when required.

Ø  To conduct the spot check in food and beverage outlets.

Ø  To do the entire cycle of stock taking in the system.

Ø  To provide all the relevant information for the periodical tender process such as consumption, evaluation of items etc.

Ø  To maintain the inventory for fixed assets items.

Ø  Performs all other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Finance.